Letter to my fans

Dear fans

This letter is something I’ve been wanting to write for a while. There are so many things that just won’t fit into 140 characters. 

Let me say once again thank you. I know I’ve said it a lot and I will continue to say it for as long as I live. I am truly grateful for you and the support you’ve given me. I don’t know where my career will go next. I may be able to do this for the rest of my life or I might have to find something else to do, I don’t know. But whatever happens I will always know that I have been blessed these last few years far more then I ever deserved. 

I want to let all of you who have supported me from day one know that I am still that guy. I’m still the guy who you saw on idol. I’ve just grown up a little. I’ve learned a lot over the past few years about what I want and don’t want in this industry. I want to get to perform for people. I want the chance to play and sing music that I write and that really matters to me. I don’t want to worry about what other people may expect me to do. So I’m not going to.

I know who I am and what I believe. That hasn’t and isn’t going to change. I know that I have been given the chance to have an impact on people’s lives and I take that incredibly seriously. One of my biggest goals in life is to be a good influence on the people who are looking up to me. I am not and never will be perfect. I just hope that when I do mess up that I will be able to get back up and let other people learn from my mistakes.

I have gotten to know many of y’all over the past few years and y’all are crazy and random and funny and some of the most loyal people I’ve ever met. I am deeply humbled by the love y’all have shown me. I know sometimes things get pretty busy and I can’t interact with you the way I have in the past. But please don’t ever think that it’s because I have forgotten about you! I haven’t and never will! 

I’m going to keep working as hard as I can. I am not to worried about the end result because I know that it is in God’s hands not mine. Whatever happens in the next few years know that no matter what. I love y’all and I will always believe in y’all the way you have believed in me. 

God Bless!


Why I write songs

Some people might think that you write songs for the same reason that you perform songs. And for some that might be true. But not for me. I sing and perform because I love to and it’s incredibly fun and people seem to really enjoy it. I have always enjoyed performing other peoples songs because there are a lot of great songs out there. As for writing though, I do that for different reasons. 

I write songs because I want to say very specific things. I want to give people a kind of picture of how I look at the world. I don’t think that I am the best song writer that has ever lived and as likely as not I will never be looked at as one of the greats. That’s ok with me! It’s not about that. For me, it is about sharing with the world how I feel about certain things. When I write a love song I’m not trying to write it for the sake of “writing a love song.” No I write love songs because I have very strong feelings about what I think about love and how I think it should look. Or how I want it to feel. Or maybe because I saw two people that looked so deeply in love that I couldn’t help but try and paint that picture with words. I don’t always succeed with my songs. I have notebooks full of songs that I couldn’t find the words to finish. And more with songs that I finished but I didn’t think really captured what I was wanting to say. You don’t always know how a song is going to turn out until it’s done and you look back on it. It can be a very frustrating process at times. I can sit and write three songs in a day or I can go months without ever finishing a song that I think is worth singing. Still I will continue to try and capture in words what I think about the world. I will try and paint pictures as best I can with the letters in my head. 

I write because I feel, because I hope, because I dream, and because I believe.